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Amor Per La Terra

Salvador Batlle, Jaume Jorda, & Xavi Rutia with Anna Serra, David Baixas, David Pujol Cargol, & Germans Frisach
Organic and/or Biodynamic
Empordà & Penedès - Cataluña
Between 40m- 470m
Various - Calcareous, Sand, Loam, Alluvial
5ha (Rodonyà, Serra Montmell, Penedès) & 1ha (Empordà)
13,000 bottles
About the Producer

If you've been to Barcelona on the food and wine trail then you've probably stumbled upon Monocrom. In our opinión it is one of the most thoughtful restaurants in the city with incredibly soulful food and a cutting edge natural wine list. Well behind it all is Xavi Rutia and his sister Janina. Xavi is in charge of the wine buying so if there's anybody that knows the current wine scene in Barcelona, it's him.

Through his relationships and knowledge of the territory, "Amor Per la Terra" was born, a project focused on highlighting the work of local farmers doing things the old way. He partnered with his friend Jaume Jorda, who imports natural wines by the likes of Strohmeiher and Muster, while approaching friend and favorite winemaker, Salvador Batlle of Cosmic Vinyaters for the winemaking side of things. In the end, this small little project is wine made by friends for friends. Nothing more. If you're familiar with the Cosmic wines then you should have a good idea of what to expect from these. All of the farming is done organically and the wines made without additives.

"Wines closing circles with just one motivation: to love the land and care for those who work it." As the name states, this is "Love for the Earth."