Our producers

Bodegas García Pérez

Danilo Marcucci, Winemaker and Pedro and Fernando García Pérez, Owners
Founded in Casas Ibáñez, Albacete in 2021
Dry-farmed, Organic Farming
Jumilla & Manchuela
Mediterranean Climate
Between 750m-750m in elevation
Sandy-Clay and Sandy-Loam
50,000 bottles
About the Producer

Officially founded only a few years ago in 2021, this is a 30ha family-run winery in Albacete (about a 2 hours drive inland from the Valencia coast) that has vineyards in both Manchuela (where soils contain more clay which can help retain more water but also offer a more extreme climate) and Jumilla (where there is more sandy-loam which are poor in nutrients and retain very little water making yields low). In both regions limestone rocks which cover the soils help to keep freshness from the cooler nighttime temperatures into the morning hours and reduce the level of vine stress, thus preserving natural acidity levels in the grapes.

Work is all done in a very natural way - never any chemical use in the fields. In very rare cases some sulphur or copper for prevention of vine diseases at most. Harvest is always manual and typically early September so that the wines result in lower/more restrained ABV. They age through the cold winter to clarify naturally and are bottled in early spring. Currently there are 4 wines in the project that we have here - Rosado both still and an ancestral sparkling, a skin-contact orange wine, and light Mediterranean expression of Bobal.