Our producers

Finca Suarez

Founded in 1921, Planted in 1970s
South America
Paraje Altamira, Uco Valley Mendoza, Argentina
Continental climate
Altitude between 1,000 and 1,200 meters
Alluvial: comprising of sandy loam and a secondary stony level with different concentrations of calcium carbonate
About the Producer

One hundred years of generations of a single family living on the same land prove that. For us, the measure of our company’s success is associated with caring for the environment and the people who work on it.

With regards to the environment, we carefully ration the use of water, as it’s our most precious and scarce resource. We adhere to regenerative farming methods, respecting both the soil and biodiversity.

In the social sphere, we are actively involved with different organisations to promote exchanges of ideas and synergies, such as WofA, Crea, Inta and Aguas de Mendoza, among others.

We are founding members of PIPA, Independent Producers of Paraje Altamira. A nonprofit association that helped to establish the Altamira Maternal Nursery, among other actions. We’re also involved in communicating the region’s wines and characteristics. We are currently intensifying our efforts to research the terroir in order to better qualify the Paraje Altamira Geographical Indication.

In our efforts to lower our carbon footprint and help our neighbours, we try to work with local suppliers whenever possible and adhere to fair trade practices.

In 1995, Facundo Suarez donated five hectares to the San Carlos council to create the Angélica Civit Sports Center. We also donated a space at Finca Perico to build a well that supplies much of the drinking water for our town, La Consulta.

“Whoever makes good Semillón in La Consulta will make the best white wine in Argentina.”