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Izeta Sagardotegia

Jon y Gotzon
País Vasco
Euskal Sagardo Naturala
Clay, Sand, Slate, Schist
250,000 bottles
About the Producer

A family producer of only Sidra in the Basque region for over 5 generations, and like so many, initially only producing for family and neighborhood consumption. In 1983 under the initiative of Manuel Iruretagoiena, Izeta Sagardotegia opened its doors to the general public in the Izeta Goikoa farmhouse. As the years have gone on there is now a wonderful restaurant and grill - as you may know this region is well known for its grilled meats which accompany the acidic ciders perfectly.

In order for Euskal Sagardoa to be distinguished by its designation of origin (or DO), the cider must be made with 100% local apples and have a quality guarantee. For this project Jon and Gotzon harvest 6 different varieties of native Basque apples: Txalaka, Mozolo, Gazi, Errezil, Gozo, and Moko which all grow organically in very close proximity to the sea.