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Jon Goenaga

Jon Goenaga
Certified Organic
País Vasco
Getariako Txakolina
4,000 bottles
About the Producer

Over 30 years ago Jon Goenaga became one of the first organic grape growers in Gipuzkoa (Getariako) - by planting one pergola-trained hectare and has been organically certified for the past 20 years. As a farmer he grows vegetables, fruits and is one of the only avocado producers in the Basque country, selling mainly to the various Michelin restaurants in the area (which is also how his wine became known). Initially it was only made for home consumption until he started bottling it a few years ago. In fact there are little avocados on the label of his wine!

A huge advocate of organic farming. “I do not see another future for agriculture,” he says after having witnessed dramatic changes in land farming since his grandfather’s days and the introduction of chemical products by his parents’ generation. He applies organic methods to his garden, his house, which he built himself with recycled materials. Believe it or not, he doesn’t own a mobile phone and hardly uses email. His only secret as a grower is to “be happy with little.” The main threat in the area is mildew, and as copper is limited in organic farming, he usually applies whey, nettle or horsetail preparations. Goenaga produces just one wine, the citrus, sharp G 1200 in two different versions: filtered and unfiltered. Overall production doesn’t exceed 4,000 bottles.