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Xosé Lois Sebio

Xosé Lois Sebio
D.O. Ribeiro (with grapes coming from Rías Baixas, Valdeorras, and Ribeiro)
Sea level up to 350m
Combinations depending on site of: Clay, Schist (blonde, red, blue), Xabre, Granitic Sandy soils
2ha owned, the rest purchased
About the Producer

You may know Xosé Lois from his other projects (Coto do Gomariz "The Flower and the Bee" anyone?) so we were thrilled to work with one of his other Galician projects. Here in the valley of the Avía river, north of the D.O. Ribeiro he has about 2 hectares of vineyards in Gomariz in addition to also some purchased grapes from neighboring winegrowers.

The vines are located on the slope of Gomariz, which is the oldest wine-producing preserve in the Iberian Peninsula. It was a gift from King Afonso I to the order of the Benedictines in 756 AD, so that they could settle in the area and cultivate their lands. When the Benedictines made the reform, the area passed to Cistercian control until the confiscation. These plots were already known in the 12th century and famous for the quality of their wines. Many many centuries later, in 2008, Xosé as able to get on the good side of some of the elderly viticulturists in this area who allowed him to make wine from their vineyards. He began to make wines from these steep, very old plots and that was the seed of his company.

Slowly over the last decade he began to buy his own vineyards with which he uses to make the wines "Village," "Salvaxe," and "As Viñas."

By also purchasing some grapes from viticulturists with whom they've been working alongside for many years, Xosé was able to expand production making the wines "O Con," "Mais Alá," and "Heaven and Hell."